Webinar for guidance counsellors

Learn about the BSc/MSc in Immersive Software Engineering at this Webinar for Teachers, Guidance Counsellors and Principals.

Thursday 28th October at 8pm

In this 45 minute webinar video you’ll hear from the course designers.
You’ll learn about

  • Course Content
  • Admissions Criteria
  • Portfolio Requirements
  • Student Life on the Course
  • Entry Requirement
  • Scholarships

Immersive Software Engineering is a unique collaboration between the academics of the University of Limerick and some of the most innovative companies in the world. Our team spans multiple disciplines, and we are supported by three boards that guide our work. The Scientific Advisory Board ensures teaching and research are performed to the highest international standard.

Our Young Advisory Board exists as a group of mentors and advisors for our faculty and students. Our Industry Advisory Board advises the ISE team on the best connections of academia to industry.

Everyone involved is passionate about making ISE a success by providing a delightful experience for our students.

Learn more about the course details here.

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